Resetting a runaway Activity Log in MT

I tried to click on my MovableType Activity Log and it was no-go with a server error. The problem wasn’t the [Intermittent 500 Server error]( reported on the MT news page since I don’t use CPanel. The problem, I knew immediately, was that my log had gotten too big.

How do you clean it out if you can’t load it to get to the “reset” button? [MovableType support forum to the rescue]( The forum entry points to [this page]( which did the trick.

I blame my out of control log on [SpamLookup](, an otherwise good plug-in that generates an activity log entry for each trackback/comment it bounces.

MovableType 3.2 is [coming out soon]( and I can’t wait as there’s [the promise and hope]( that the junk comment/trackback problem will be licked once and for all.