Dual computer laptop bags?


I’m not the only dual OS person in the house anymore. [Eric](http://www.9to5andotherwise.com) got a Dell PC laptop from work that he’ll be bringing home with him. He still has his PowerBook for his personal stuff, including iSight for chatting with the kids and me. Does anyone know of a laptop bag that can accommodate two computers? Airlines are tight on how many carry-ons one could have so it would be ideal if he could travel with both computers in one bag.


  1. An off-the-top-of-my-head solution might be a separate laptop sleeve for one of the computers.

    He might also have better luck with a backpack.

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    I’ve got my eye on a used PowerBook, so this is something I may be interested in. I’ll probably forget to check back here, so if you get any interesting replies, any chance you could CC me?

  2. Jon H says:

    Did you ever find one?

    I work with PCs, but my heart is in Cocoa development. Especially since I saw Pixar advertising for Cocoa developers. I travel a lot, and would like to be able to use my evenings in the hotel for Mac development. So I’d need to cart my iBook and my Dell with me.

    To email, remove chaff.

  3. Judi Sohn says:

    No, I didn’t. He just ended up squeezing both computers in the same bag. Seems like this is a market waiting to be tapped. 😉

  4. Wayne says:

    Link here

    Use the sleeve where the books would normally go – and the spot for the laptop. Only thing I’ve found so far that works for me.

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