Comcast DVR mute "bug"

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature in the Comcast DVR (Motorola 6412).

Set up a series recording to catch General Hospital. TV was off when 3 pm came around. I turned on the TV around 3:40 pm and there was no sound. Hit the “mute” button on the remote which pulled up the Sony “Muting” indicator, but toggling it didn’t make a difference. Tried every button, tightened every connection and couldn’t get the sound back. Then I noticed some white lines at the top of the screen, and it appeared to be the bottom of the words ‘MUTE’…just the bottom serifs of the letters. So the cable box has a “mute” that is separate from the TV, with no apparent way to toggle it.

Google/A9 to [the rescue](

[Cablevision]( leaves you the manual to their box and remote. Comcast points you to the “help” and “setup” menu. Nice, but there’s all sorts of hack-like goodness that you won’t find in the standard menus.

[Here’s]( the answer to the mute problem:

  1. Press the “Cable” button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
  2. Press and hold the “Setup” button until the “Cable” button blinks twice.
  3. Enter code 994. The “Cable” button will blink twice.
  4. Press (do not hold) the “Setup” button.
  5. Enter code 00141.
  6. Press whatever button you want to map the mute function to.

Uh yeah, was just about to try that one. Don’t understand why I didn’t figure it out on my own.

Looking for this solution led to some other nice tips…like [a 30 second skip.]( Haven’t tried this yet, but I will:

  1. Press the “Cable” button at the top of the remote to put it into Cable Box control mode.
  2. Press and hold the “Setup” button until the “Cable” button blinks twice..
  3. Type in the code 994. The “Cable” button will blink twice.
  4. Press (do not hold) the “Setup” button.
  5. Type in the code 00173 (for 30 second Skip).
  6. Press whatever button you want to map the skip

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  1. Damon says:

    For the muting problem…Did you try pressing the “Cable” button and then just pressing mute? I thought I had to, but that seems to un-mute the cable box when that happens. Hopefully it’ll work for you too – lot easier than remembering the twister routing and 00141.

    I think the reason that they do this is that if you plug your tv into the dvr, it will actually turn the tv on (if I recall correctly) while it’s recording. I came home a couple times to a tv already on, and recording, but muted.

    1. Jssachs says:

      Tried for a super long time to figure this out. Thank you for the simple and VERY easy solution.

  2. Judi Sohn says:

    Damon, I thought we tried every available combination of buttons, but maybe we didn’t.

  3. Judi Sohn says:

    Just as an update on this…we got the 2nd DVR for the bedroom and before doing the setup button routine I tried simply pushing “cable” and then “mute” and no go…it still toggles the *TV* mute button and not the one on the cable box.

  4. Damon says:

    That’s unfortunate. I’m actually able to control the volume for the cable box as well when I do that. :-\

  5. Eric says:

    This is a function of the remote, to help users who are not terribly familiar with the use of a universal remote control.

    The remote is set from the factory to control the volume through the tv and the channels through the cable box at all times. This was never a problem until the DVR’s came out, but as I read above, it is because some older tv’s that do not have remotes can power on with the box, and if a DVR is recording in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t want it turning on the tv at a loud volume while you’re sleeping, so it’s a feature that’s annoying as a bug.

    Trust me, I work for comcast in customer support, and I deal with it all the time.

    To fix it, use the pamphlet they left with the remote to follow the “Global VOlume Unlock”, which will give you access to the volume controls of the cable box, thereby allowing you to unmute your cable box if this happens.

    Incidentally, this only happens if the DVR starts recording while the box is turned off. If you leave your DVR on all the time, the mute “feature” does not activate.

    Hope this helps.

  6. OK, now when I did this, the cable mute is now stuck on the button I pressed. How do I fix it?

  7. OK, now when I did this, the cable mute is now stuck on the button I pressed. How do I fix it?

  8. Ed says:

    I have to love the internet. Thanks for positing this!

  9. Steve says:

    Gad. Just ran into this problem tonight – what a pain. I live in Huntsville, Alabama where Comcast was doing a trial with the Moxi DVR and after using it for a few months, it’s really painful to go back to the 6412. It totally locks up every 1-2 days (have to pull the power from the back of the box to recover, then wait hours for the EPG data to repopulate), and now this….

  10. Stephanie says:

    yes!!! The convoluted mute button series worked for me! I’m recording and MUTE button is now blessedly off. Yay!

    btw, the second series, to set a 30-second skip, is *definitely* worth doing. I use it all the time.

  11. Rolando Santos says:

    I made a mistake and reprogrammed the right arrow button on the comcast remote.

    I was fixing the mute bug issue addressed in this forum.

    The fix worked, but i accidently hit the right arrow button and now need to restore its original funcation.

    Does anyone have the code number for the right arrow button?

    Thank You Rolando Santos

  12. Jeff says:

    wow, this has happened to me a few times now and its really frustrating to power off my dvr in the middle of recording a show. thanks for posting this!

  13. Alison Rowat says:

    I think I have the same problem as Rolando, but don’t see that there is any fix to it. In a delirious state of cold/flu I copied the directions down to get the mute function off, but finished step five with “press whatever button you want”. So I have now mapped the mute function to many different keys: up and down arrows, my pause function etc. I have called Comcast and they don’t know anything about the 994 followed by 00141. At least the person I talked to didn’t. I was told that I’ll have to live with it (and imagine not being able to pause or scroll!) until a service person comes (at my expense). So, if anyone knows of a way to UNMAP the mute function, I’d be much obliged.


    Alison Rowat
    Atlanta GA

  14. Vikki says:

    Here’s what I found as instructions for undoing whatever accidental mappings you boogered up your remote with.

    -Restore a Remapped Key-
    The following technique can be used to restore the original function to a key that has been remapped. You are essentially mapping the key onto itself.

    1) Press the device key (“Cable”, “TV”, or “AUX”) for the device you want.
    2) Press and hold the “Setup” key until the selected device button blinks twice.
    3) Type in the code 994. The selected device key will blink twice.
    4) Press the key you are restoring twice. The device key will blink twice if successful.

    -Restore All Remapped Keys for a Device-

    The following technique can be used to restore the original function to all remapped keys for a device.

    1) Press and hold the “Setup” key until the a device button blinks twice.
    2) Type in the code 994. A device key will blink twice.
    3) Press the device key you are restoring twice. The device key will blink twice if successful

  15. larry says:

    I programmed the dvr remote to handle my TV on/off.

    And when I press ALL ON, it does turn on both the box and tv.

    BUt when i press ALL ON again to turn off it only turns off the cable box.

    any one know why. the instructions says it will do on/off.


  16. sacha guitry says:

    What Global unlock? I can not find this in the pamphlet left with the DVR cable box

  17. Dan Crouch says:

    I’ve been turning off my box (and interrupting recordings) everytime this has happened for the past year until finding your post. Many thanks!


  18. jewell says:

    thank you! i’ve been hating comcast and at least this fixes ONE of my problems. bet there’s no code for fixing the tiling or sound dropping or picture freezing. $150 a month! ugh –

  19. Cyndy says:

    THANK YOU! This has been driving us NUTS! We even tried to call Comcast support for this and the person we got put me on hold for 15 minutes and still couldn’t figure it out! My husband is going to be ecstatic when he realizes I found a fix!

  20. Anonymous says:

    awesome, thanks for posting this, this annonying mute happens (rare that it does) even when my dvr is left on. It was annyoning that the mute button didn’t work for the cable box.

  21. Joe says:

    This page will tell you how to restore your settings if you messed it all up like I did.

    Thanks for the post!

  22. Chris says:

    Thanks so much! This was driving us crazy, because we were also only able to control the TV’s mute button on the remote. And when we called Comcast, they weren’t helpful. In fact, they tried to convince us that the automatic-mute-when-DVRing was a convenience feature, and that we didn’t need to unmute it. Hmmm… Thanks again for posting this terrific remote hack.

  23. Pat Infante says:

    Is there a way to ‘exclude’ the DVR’s ‘Power on/off’ setting from the ‘All On’ button so that the DVR can stay ‘on’ all of the time?

  24. Michael says:

    If you have a dual tuner DVR, there should be a ‘Swap’ button down at the very bottom of your remote under the Picture-In-Picture controls. If your DVR is muted, push the swap button to change tuners. Now press it again and it should bring you back to your recording in progress with the sound back on.

  25. SmartGrowther says:

    This may be harder — I have an old Panasonic TV/VCR combo unit, model PV-M1357W. I can’t get my new Comcast OnDemand Remote to operate it – the 4-digit codes listed for Panasonic devices don’t work for this one. Do you have any idea how to find a code to make this work? I have already tried the “Search for a Code” function, and after 25 minutes of alternating between TV and Power, I gave up.

    Thanks in advance…

  26. Dave Dows says:

    I have a similar Panasonic TV/VCR except that it’s a smaller AC/DC model that bought for occasional use in the car. After wasting 20-30 minutes with Comcast Tech Support who kept giving me 4 digit codes and wondering why I didn’t see a double flash of the TV LED except after 991, I searched the Comcast website and found that they were giving me the codes for the wrong remote. You can find your remote here:

    They were giving me the codes for the DVR 3-Device or the 3-in 1 Universal, but I have the Custom DVR 3 Device and the 5 digit code that finally worked for me was actually listed for a Panasonic DVD Player!

  27. Bill says:

    Work around for mute issue:

    I’ve had the same problem with sound and not picture. It’s a bug. So, when it’s recording and you come home and turn on your TV, either you get no picture or no sound… Just select the “guide”. That usually fixes it. Otherwise select guide and change the channel. I’ve found all kinds of bugs with this DVR. Motorola stinks.

  28. giggles says:

    My comcast dvr remote cable button will not stop blinking. I've changed the batteries and it will not stop. Please help. I cannot program anything because I can't get 2 blinks. When I press ANY button on the remote, the cable button just continues to blink.

    1. Kevin says:

      I have the same problem with the blinking button, how did you fix yours? Thanks!

  29. gabe says:

    thanks – u saved me! not sure why the mute started in the 1st place

  30. Tom says:

    “the 5 digit code that finally worked for me was actually listed for a Panasonic DVD Player!”

    Don’t know if Dave Dow who posted this in a comment above still reads this, but that is exactly what happened with me after I read your post, so thanks much, as I hated having to use either two remotes to control both seperately or my old store-bought universal remote to control both together, and I like the comcast remote much better than mine.

  31. Scott says:

    There’s actually a very simple solution to this problem, and the “mute bug” is actually a feature. This will (should) occur any time that the DVR powers itself on to record a show; it will not supply audio. The reason for this is that many people who have a DVR also have a home theater (that will supply sound out of the stereo even if the TV is off). If you have such a setup, you likely have powered your TV off to still have sound coming through the home theater (depending on how you have it hooked up). This feature is in place so that if, for example, you have a show set to record at 2AM, and you forgot to turn your home theater off, you aren’t woken up by the DVR powering on and supplying sound out of your home theater. When experiencing this problem, all you have to do to un-mute it is simply press the “Cable” button, followed by any key. This lets the DVR know that you are now in front of the TV, ready to watch something, and want sound coming out.

  32. bernice says:

    I still cannot get my tv off mute. Have tried several times. An other help? Thank you.

  33. andrea vadas says:



  34. Bubba says:

    OMG. This totally solved my issue. My wife was able to cancel a Comcast service visit after literally 3 minutes of me searching on the internet. Internet 1, Comcast 0. Perhaps the Comcast techs should read this before sending out an expensive tech. Thanks!


  35. Ryan says:

    Bag, had this exact problem. Tried the tv settings, tv remote mute, cable box set up audio options, and even used the digital out and connected it to me Denon.

    Thanks for posting this.

    1. Scott Lewis says:

      Very helpful! I had already found the 30 second advance, which I mapped alongside another copy of skip back to the useless PIP + & – buttons but this mute bug was driving me nuts.

      To the people who call this a ‘feature’, are you kidding? It’s either a bug or an example of HORRIBLE design. If there was a blinking on TV text that said ‘MUTE, press Ok/Select to Unmute’, I’d say that’s still confusing (why would we assume it would be muted post power outage for example). But a mute, with no indicator, and a remote that maps mute to the TV mute, making that button not unite is really poor design.

  36. Teresa says:

    You Rock!!! Thank you very much for posting this.

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