Tiger and kid games

The girls came home this morning. They love their new room. Their new Mac Mini was all set up and waiting for them. Each kid has their own user login in Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4). That way when they start school they can keep their files separate and they have their own bookmarks. I set up the parental control features. **But…** many of the Flash/Shockwave-heavy sites they like going to don’t work well in Safari. Had to download Internet Explorer for them. Ick. I’m not worried about their surfing habits…they’re both very good about sticking to the kid sites they like. I sent email to the sites that aren’t working…not expecting that anything will change but it couldn’t hurt.


  1. [Had to download Internet Explorer for them.]

    Did you try Firefox? Sure, I’m not checking a lot of kid-centric Flash-based sites, but all the sites I go to that are using Flash appear to work just fine in FF.

  2. Judi Sohn says:

    Jack, Yup, tried Firefox immediately after Safari didn’t work. The games work better in Firefox than they did in Safari, but not by much. 😦

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