Settling In

We’re making good progress. We’re moving quickly since Eric will be out of town next week starting his new job. The kids are coming back tomorrow, so today is the last day to work in the house consistently without interuption. I’m sore as my schlepping muscles have about had it. We’ve met a few of our new neighbors and everyone seems nice. Today we’re making an attempt at getting New Jersey driver’s licenses.

My office is 95% set up. It’s nice to be back on my comfy external keyboard. I had the movers relocate my keyboard tray to a different corner of my “U” shaped desk so the layout is more functional here than it was in Connecticut. Everything I need is within reach and I have more clear desk space than I did before. I even did a better job of organizing the maze of wire under the desk. The G5 is hooked up but since it doesn’t have Airport it won’t be able to connect to the Internet until later today when Comcast comes and does their thing. Our cable works for watching basic TV and the modem syncs up but Comcast doesn’t recognize it yet so it doesn’t get past the [Comcast]( “activate me” screen.

The only casualty of the move appears to be my [Maxtor]( external 80GB OneTouch USB drive. I used it to backup my PC. Ironically, this is one of the items I kept with me since I was concerned about anything happening to it if the movers packed it. I plugged it in and the blue light goes on, but it doesn’t mount or appear to exist to either the PC or the Mac. I switched out the cable with the one that works with my HP printer. No go. The cable with the drive works with the printer. So that rules out a cable problem. Blue light means it’s not a power issue, so there’s something with the drive itself. I emailed Maxtor support to see if they have any ideas, otherwise it looks like I have to replace it. In the meantime, I’m backing up the PC to DVD-R. What usually happens overnight with no fuss is now hours of CD swapping. Not fun.

The girls have their new [Mac Mini]( on the desk in their room. We maxxed the RAM and put in an Airport card. Or rather, we had the store do it since the Mini isn’t designed for end user upgrades. Went to Best Buy to get a monitor and keyboard/mouse. They had a Kensington wireless USB mouse/keyboard marked on the shelf for $49.95 after $10 rebate. Grabbed a basic 17″ LCD VGA display. Sounds good. Went to the end cap computer to pay for it, printer had no toner. Salesman had us go to customer service to get printed receipt. He noticed that the receipt didn’t have the rebate, so he went looking for a hard copy. Turns out, the rebate expired 2 weeks ago (6/11). The product was marked as $49.95 and that is what I expected to pay. The salesman agreed and called the store manager who told the salesman over the phone that the best he could do was offer $5 back, not the full $10. I returned the keyboard *and* the monitor we had just purchased there. I bought the item under the fair assumption that it was on sale after store rebate and the store should have stood by its marked price. We ended up buying the keyboard/mouse and monitor at CompUSA. We spent the $60 on the keyboard/mouse, but got a monitor for $249 instead of the $299 we paid at Best Buy so we ended up slightly ahead. I would have purchased the items online to save more money, but we wanted the computer set up and ready for the girls when they come home tomrorow. I know Apple makes wonderful, quality products that are more than worth their price, but I couldn’t justify spending $800 on a 20″ display when a 15-17″ display will do nicely.



  1. I think that if you have your birth certificates, or even a passport, you may be able to get a driver’s license without having to go through the hassle of getting a duplicate social security card.

    Sorry for your hard drive loss. 😦 I once slammed my Maxtor OT into the side of my car (as I was carrying way too many things), but it seems to have endured that hostility. Hopefully, you’re still under warranty…

  2. I think that, by law, they have to sell it to you for the price listed. Unless of course the price listed includes a rebate (also listed) and an expiration date (listed).

  3. Judi Sohn says:

    When you looked at the tag closely, it was a rebate and it did expire. Tiny little print, so by law they didn’t have to do a thing for me and they didn’t. But what they have to do, and what they should do are two different things. I will not shop in Best Buy again not because they broke the law, but because they exhibited very poor customer service and I have better places to put my money.

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