Licensed to drive

in New Jersey. Yet one more piece of Stamford left behind.

Let’s see…all it took was about an hour of my time, $34, my birth certificate, my marriage license, an ATM card, the deed to our home, my old Connecticut license and a copy of an old tax return (for the social security number). And they said getting a New Jersey license would be complicated! Ha! Seriously, it was great to see that big blank spot next to “restrictions”. I’ve had the “corrective lenses” restriction on my license since I was 16. Now I have surgically corrected perfect version. No written test like we had to take when we transferred our licenses from New York to Connecticut in 1996.

Next step is to get the insurance on Eric’s car transferred over so he can register his car. Once his car is inspected and registered and he has New Jersey tags he can get on the 20 month waiting list for a parking spot at the train station. Glad the dealer will take of my car registration/inspection when it arrives in August.