Spending money

It feels good to be spending money again, even if it’s only temporary. 😉

In about 3 hours we walk through our new home. Hopefully there’s mail waiting for me from a client who sent the check to the new address a little early. In about 4 hours, we close. Then after lunch, it’s off to [Honda of Princeton](http://www.princetonhonda.com/index.cfm?CFID=4479353&CFTOKEN=24385984) to put my deposit down on a 2005 Odyssey. Should be able to get it mid-August. I shouldn’t have a problem driving my car with CT plates around until then. As the dealer said, with all the college students here it’s not like it will stand out. I feel bad that we’re not buying from my Mom’s friend, but the local dealer came in at about the same price and their service center has some perks for cars purchased there…free first service, loaner car if vehicle is in repair for more than a day, etc. Plus, buying in NJ means the dealer will handle the registration for me.

Then we’re off to the [Menlo Park Mall](http://www.simon.com/mall/default.aspx?ID=113) to get my kids a Mac Mini at the Apple Store. We want to get them a cheap, basic LCD…budget of no more than $300 so we may get that at CompUSA. We could get the Mini at CompUSA too, but we want more RAM and the Airport card, so we might as well have the store put it in. The girls don’t know that we decided to replace their old ruby iMac DV. In order to get the iMac functional I would have had to use eBay to find an old-style Airport card and it wasn’t worth the effort. I certainly wasn’t going to start running cable down the hallways and making the new place look ugly. It will be a surprise when they see their new room for the first time next week.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the new place all day, and not online except for when I can get Eric to spell me so I can visit the local Starbucks or Borders. Tomorrow & Friday I’m expecting deliveries from [Lowes,](http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=home) [Raymour & Flanagan,](http://www.raymourandflanagan.com) [Bob’s Discount Furniture,](http://www.mybobs.com) [Select Comfort,](http://www.selectcomfort.com) and the closet company. A handyman is coming to install a garage door opener, an extra outlet in the garage (for the freezer we bought from Lowes) and he’ll be adding some extra electric in the panel for my office. I have a backup battery for my computer equipment, don’t want to have to use it if I can avoid it. Saturday the movers come back with all our stuff and the real fun of unpacking begins.

Eric begins work on July 5th. He faxed back his signature on their offer yesterday.