The rumors are true

Just loaded up a [Stevenote live update page]( from the Apple WWDC. Those “Apple is moving to Intel” rumors are all true. Not surprised. When so many so-called “mainstream” sites were reporting it over the weekend, it was clear that it was either true or an aggressive strategy on Apple’s part to put the heat on IBM. Looks like the horse has been out of the barn for a long time.

Is it just a dream of mine that in 2007 or so I’ll be able to buy hardware from Apple and use something like “Fast User Switching” to jump between Longhorn and OS X “Leopard” (the code name of the next version of OS X) on a whim without the performance hit of emulation? Maybe. I certainly don’t expect to pay Dell prices for such a beast, that’s for sure.

Isn’t this going to tank G5 sales? I can’t wait to see what Adobe will do with all this.


6 responses to “The rumors are true”

  1. Adobe, for their part, have committed to released universal binaries for Creative Suite apps.

    Microsoft Office team has also agreed to that.

  2. I read. But does that mean that I’ll finally be able to run CS on my G5 and my Windows laptop using the same license?

  3. Well, here’s the thing Jack. Adobe already lets you install CS (and CS2) on a desktop and a laptop at the same time. The catch is that they have to be the same platform. When I asked why it couldn’t be a Mac desktop and a PC laptop, I was told that it was a matter of logistics. The different SKU numbers and how the codes were activated. If there’s a “universal binary” wouldn’t it eliminate that issue. It’s not like there are that many of us on both platforms like this anyway.

  4. I haven’t finished trudging through all the WWDC coverage and released info yet..but I don’t know if the ‘universal binary’ is universal in the Windows and Mac sense, or universal in the PPC Mac and x86 Mac sense. I think, at least initially, its only PPC Mac and x86 Mac universal..but I could be wrong

  5. Oh, I know it’s “universal” in the PPC/x86 sense. I’m just hoping as the line between the OSes gets blurred a little bit Adobe will come to their senses. 😉