Oh I can tell that reading the follow up to Apple’s [big announcement]( will be a lot of fun. The Mac [fanatic]( press has a habit of drawing everything with a line in the sand…black & white, them & us, right & wrong. Everything Apple does or says is “right” “us” “white”, everything that’s WinTel is “wrong” “them” “black”. As Laini would say…booorrrrinnng.

About 18 months ago, as readers of this blog know, I stopped drinking the Kool Aid. I still love my G5, my kids will always have an iMac and it’s generally the platform I prefer. But it’s no longer “do or die.” My personal productivity went through the roof when I switched my focus from operating systems to applications. It’s not about the label on the box…it’s about what you can *do* with your tools and how they work together.

It’s been happening for a while. Cases in point: [David Pogue]( stopped writing for [Macworld]( and went to [The New York Times]( and [Mac Design]( became [Layers]( [Macworld]( and [MacAddict]( are barely leaflets nowadays because they don’t appear to get it: Don’t focus on what you can do because of the name of the box, just focus on what you can do. Apple is so doing the right thing here. If all things are equal, I’ll choose a Mac. I’m not the only one. Now Apple is making all things equal.

So with that in mind, some folks are gonna have a rough ride into the light. This is from [a comment on Macworld’s site](

>I feel so let down inside, so betrayed. WHAT WERE WE FIGHTING FOR?! Why were we so different for so long only to give up now? I feel like the army went home, I’m the only soldier left on the battle field and no one else cares. There’s this terrible feeling in my stomach and I feel like I need to be sick.

What do you do when the curtain is removed and you realize you’ve been battling windmills the whole time?