Passing the musical baton


[Erik]( [has passed me]( the “musical baton” that’s going around, so here goes.

**Total size of music files on my computer:** 10.27 GB

**The last CD I bought was:** I asked Erik if this meant last physical CD or last full album download (legal, of course). He didn’t know, so I’ll give both answers:

* Last “real” CD purchased: “Rent (1996 Original Broadway Cast)” (Amazon link, not found on iTMS)
* Last complete downloaded album (had to scroll down a bit in “Purchased Music” to find it): [“The Spirit Room” by Michelle Branch](

**Song playing right now in iTunes:** Judi is listening to [“Borrowed Angels”]( by [Kristin Chenoweth]( from the album [“As I Am”]( (2005). Bought it earlier this evening. $5.91 left in the gift certificate [Eric]( got me for Mother’s Day. Considering going for the new [Cold Play]( album pre-order with bonus songs. Maybe.

**Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me.** Yes, my music tastes are mostly mellow…drives Eric nuts. I have a lot of rock in my collection, mostly classic stuff, but these are the ones that touch me and therefore get a lot of play:

* [Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)]( by [Green Day]( from [“Nimrod”](
* [Haven’t We Been Here Before?]( by [Styx]( from [“Kilroy Was Here”](
* [Close Your Eyes by Christophe Beck from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Album”]( (via Amazon)
* [Dance with My Father]( by [Luther Vandross]( from [“Dance with My Father”]( (like, duh!)
* [On My Own]( by [Frances Ruffelle]( from [“Les Miserables (Original Broadway Cast)”](

**Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:**

* [Eric Sohn](
* [Eric Albert](
* [Wendy](
* [Phillip Zannini](
* [Pam Kock](


  1. Kristen Chenoweth sings? I thought she was just the press secretary for The West Wing 🙂

  2. Judi Sohn says:

    I haven’t watched The West Wing hardly at all this season, I didn’t realize that was her! I just heard the song and liked it. 🙂

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