Newsgator acquires FeedDemon


You need a scorecard for these things. [This]( sorta makes sense when you think about it.

>DENVER, CO— May 17, 2005 — NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS software platform company, announced today that it has acquired Bradbury Software, whose primary products are FeedDemon, the premier Windows-based desktop aggregator, and TopStyle, the leading CSS/xHTML editor for Windows. NewsGator also announced that FeedDemon will integrate tightly with the NewsGator Online synchronization platform and be available as part of all of NewsGator’s paid subscriptions. Nick Bradbury, the developer behind both those products, will be joining NewsGator as well.

Not sure if anyone would describe NewsGator as “the leading RSS software platform” but that’s besides the point. I have a license for [FeedDemon]( and it’s great software, but I haven’t used it for months. Can’t tie everything down to one place and the Bloglines/NewsGator syncing APIs were a bit of a letdown for reasons [I’ve already explained]( I tried [NewsGator]( too, but ultimately [Bloglines]( won out. I expected more when [Ask Jeeves]( took over Bloglines…maybe the ability to skin the interface? Change a font? Change the page you land at when you subscribe from another page? But no, we got package tracking. Woo hoo. Like that was something we thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if I can read my blogs and check on that UPS delivery at the same time?” That’s synergy.

NewsGator had some interface quirks, and Bloglines has a great [Firefox extension]( I had always assumed that NewsGator was targeting towards the business/enterprise market.

Since I have a FeedDemon license, I can give NewsGator another whirl according to [Nick Bradbury](

>NewsGator uses a subscription model, and FeedDemon will become part of their subscription plans. All existing FeedDemon customers will get a two-year business standard subscription for free – and this includes upgrades to FeedDemon. In other words, if you’ve already bought FeedDemon, you’ll get brand new versions of FeedDemon and a subscription to NewsGator Online free for the next two years.

So I’ll try and see what happens. As always, I’m cautiously optimistic. Didn’t [Sun]( have big plans for [Watson]( I’m not sure “kill the product and never be heard from again” was in the original business plan.

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