My favorite Firefox extensions

I realized when I was blogging about Aardvark that I have some pretty cool Firefox extensions installed. I got a few of them from reading other lists of “favorite Firefox extensions” so here’s mine. I’ve identified the ones that are only for Windows where I know that to be true. Unless otherwise indicated they work on Mac and Windows and the latest version of [Firefox](

* [A9 Toolbar]( – I don’t use local bookmarks anymore. A9 stores my bookmarks centrally so I can get at them from any Internet connection. It’s also a great search tool and it gives me a little bit off of Amazon purchases because I use it. It has a nice feature where you can type yourself notes about a site and that information stays with the bookmark. No more, “Why on earth did I bookmark this?” Oh, and search history too although Google has that now I’ve read.
* [Bloglines Toolkit]( – Adds a little “B” to the status bar for one-click access to [Bloglines]( Contextual menu to subscribe to any page with a feed. Eric [wonders]( why I have so many subscriptions, this is why.
* [Tab Click Options]( – There are a ton of extensions for tab browsing. Some complicated, some simple. This is one of the simple ones. I have it set to double click on a tab to close it, shift click on a tab to duplicate, option click to close other tabs. I don’t need more than that.
* [Web Developer Toolbar]( – A lifesaver when debugging a site.
* [IE View]( – When you run into that dreaded “This site must be experienced in Internet Explorer to work…” Right-click to hop right to the same page in IE. Windows only, obviously.
* [Gmail Notifier]( – Sits in the status bar and lets me know how many unread messages I have waiting for me in Gmail.
* [SnagIt]( – Fast & easy way to get shots of websites. Windows only.
* [AdSense Notifier]( – The true definition of “passive income.” Watch what you’re earning in your status bar while you do other things. There are shareware tools to manage AdSense site income. This one is simple *and* free. A good combination.
* [ForecastFox]( – Weather data in the menu bar. Many weather tools out there for both Mac & PC. This is simple and easy. Oh yeah, that free thing again. 😉
* [ColorZilla]( – quickly sample color on any page, copy & paste into web application if needed. Like [Aardvark](, it also gives feedback on the structure of the page.
* [Roboform]( – By far the best website password keeper. The only downside is that it’s like using speed dial on your phone. You get so used to it that when you’re without it, you can’t remember your own name much less that obscure and safe password you’re using on your bank site. Luckily there’s a PocketPC version so I have access to my passwords when I’m not on my PC. I wish there was a Mac version. I’ve tried the Mac password file applications (including [Web Confidential](http://www.web-confidential) and they’re not nearly as good. I use WC for software keys, though…it’s great for that).

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  1. Mindy says:

    My favourites are:
    [Maple](, [Password Maker]( and [Greasemonkey](

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