House for sale

We did it. Yesterday we signed with a broker to sell our home. We’re getting it ready quickly, hoping to take advantage of the fact that there is very little “inventory” on the market right now. It should hit MLS next week.

My mom is taking the girls all day on Saturday so we can do the final “de-clutter.” [A house on our street,]( considerably smaller than ours, was bid up in under 24 hours. I’m not expecting that ours will sell that fast because it’s priced much higher. But our hope is to have the house under contract by March-April with a late June closing date so the girls can finish school. It’s a family house, so we’re hoping the buyer doesn’t want to pull their kids out early either.

I met with 4 realtors, and we decided to sign with Fred Kenyon of [William Pitt Sotheby’s]( Fred was Eric’s boss years ago at UBS and is a really nice guy. He’s friendly and soft spoken and doesn’t come across with the hard sell like some of the others. One company made me downright uncomfortable with how hard they pushed. While I found the other realtors competent, I didn’t find them comfortable to deal with. I have to feel at ease with the person selling my home. All of the realtors came in with pricing recommendations in the same ballpark.

I didn’t realize how big my house was. The city has it listed at 4200 sq. ft. I thought it was 3600, tops. So we’re selling it by what’s on the city record: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, .46 acre, 4200 sq. ft. What will something like that set you back in a good neighborhood in Stamford, CT? A mere $1,059,000.