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I first noticed this when Dave Shea did it on “MezzoBlue.”: He coded his template so his comments appeared different than comments from other people. He took it a step further where he also color-coded comments from CSS/Web Design “pundits” and folks who tried to post anonymously. It caused a bit of stir on his site. But hey… his house, his rules.

Since then, quite a few sites have started doing this and I tell you, it makes reading comments much easier if you can quickly scan and pick out the site owner’s replies and updates to his/her entry.

I’ve been meaning to modify my templates to do this. Not that I get all that many comments but I thought it would help if my comments popped out. I see that Erik Barzeski just “redesigned his site”: (I like it a lot, Erik) and now he’s doing it, too. Seemed pretty easy to implement. Dan Cederholm of “SimpleBits”: “explains”: how he did it using the “Switch plugin for MovableType.”: I used a plugin that I already had installed called “Compare.”:

bq. <MTIfEqual a="[MTCommentAuthor]" b="Judi Sohn">
<div class="comments-judi">

Simple. In the comments on the SimpleBits site there’s a lot of talk about spoofing comments. I tried comparing on the email field as suggested, but I have my MT configured to require a valid email address so entering a password instead wasn’t going to do it. If someone tries to pretend to me, I’ll get an email asking me to approve a comment from me that I don’t recognize. I’d be happy if the volume of traffic causes this to be a problem. For now, I think I can handle deleting stray comments manually.

By the way, MovableType 3.12 *is* much, much faster at rebuilds as promised. That’s part of the reason why I dreaded making any changes to my individual templates before. It would take *forever* for the site to rebuild. I still make changes in stages…test on one entry, then find another typical entry and save just that, and only after I’m sure the basic functionality is working do I rebuild the whole thing. Took less than 2 minutes to rebuild all 800 or so entries. The same rebuild would have taken at least 10 minutes, if not longer, under MT 2.x.


  1. Judi Sohn says:

    See, this comment is from me!

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks Judi, that is a great idea. And the “Compare’ plugin looks like it could be very useful too.

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  4. I don´t know what i´m doing wrong, but this plugin didn´t work form me…
    The switch plugin (that simplebits uses) didn´t work form me too…
    Ok, i don´t have lots of comments, but “comment highlighting” is something i reallu wan to implement… =(
    Anyway, you have a very nice blog.

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