Firefox 1.0 PR

Firefox 1.0 “Preview” is out!

Good news: It’s fast. Wicked fast compared to 0.93 on my PC. Or, it could be that I had an extension installed in 0.93 that was slowing things down that now no longer works. Which brings me to…

Bad news: I can live without most of the extensions that haven’t been upgraded except for Roboform. Roboform is a PC only login manager and is what auto-fill in Safari (or a Mac application like Web Confidential) wishes it was. I have come to rely on it heavily for any site that requires a login and the adapter that allows it to work in Mozilla browsers hasn’t been upgraded yet. They say it takes 3-5 days for the adapter to be upgraded after a Mozilla product release. I should have waited before jumping into Firefox 1.0, but oh well. Too much of a hassle to downgrade now. I guess I can wait for Roboform to catch up.

And I’ll be honest…Firefox is fantastic on the PC. It’s my default browser and I only pull up Maxthon when I have to for IE compatibility. But I’m underwhelmed by its performance on both my Macs. I have it installed, but only so I can use the incredible-beyond-words Web Developer extension. Otherwise, Safari is a better surfing experience as far as Mac browsers go.