ecto public beta

ecto version 2 is out in public beta

Interesting. This is my first post with it after playing with it for only a little while. Some initial impressions:

  • The interface is a big change. The “recent posts” window now has a live preview of the text of the entry. Took me a few seconds to customize the template so the preview shows the entry exactly as it appears on my site. Nice.
  • The “drafts” window lists the blogs & subcategories separately in a drawer. So when you click on a category name you only see those entries in that blog, in that category. Very nice.
  • ecto1 couldn’t guess my XML-RPC file name based on the URL of my blog alone. ecto2 got it right on the first try. However, I added a second blog on another server that has the exact same structure as this one and I had to enter the file name manually.
  • The editing window now allows you to switch back and forth between a “rich text” editing mode where bullets and URLs look like bullets and URLs and an HTML editing mode where you can manually add tags. Even better, it recognizes Textile2 formatting and with a toggle between HTML and rich text buttons, the Textile2 shorthand is converted to HTML. Nice “best of both worlds” situation.
  • I found a little buggy thing where the status appeared to get stuck getting categories for one entry. That entry appeared fine in the list and nothing got hung up, but I had to quit ecto to get rid of it. I’ll review the log file later and if there appears to be anything significant there I’ll send it in.

Lots more new features to explore…

Note: After posting, I realize that ecto is throwing in extra line breaks that I don’t want. I reimported the account, unchecking the “convert line breaks” option since I didn’t see a way of doing this after the fact. Plus, I had to remove preprocessing options otherwise the code was being re-written in unpredictable ways (for example, ampersands were not encoded using the charset I selected, and bold text was set on its own bullet point…some interface oddities…but on the right track).