Spider-Man 2


Eric and I saw “it”:http://spiderman.sonypictures.com/ last night. (Hey look, a Flash-based movie website that doesn’t make noise when you first load it…imagine that!) I tried to avoid the reviews. I knew it was getting good press, but I didn’t want to know any details. I’m glad I made the effort to be spoiler-free. I read some reviews after we got home last night and they revealed details that I’m glad weren’t spoiled for me in advance. I never read the comic books so I had no idea what to expect, story-wise.

So, if you don’t want to be spoiled at all…don’t click.

The special effects, as expected, were outstanding. I even felt a little queasy at some of the camera angles that followed Spider-Man through the traffic and buildings. Last summer, Eric and I got our tour of Sony Pictures studio in California and we saw a snippet of the big subway scene being filmed against a blue screen.

For me, what made this movie good was the character of Peter Parker. I watched “The Incredible Hulk” series on television when I was in high school and it always drove me crazy wondering where the guy got the money for all the pants. I mean, he’d travel around the country with this little duffle bag and everytime he turned into the Hulk his pants would be shredded and you never saw him worrying about his finances. This movie showed that Spider-Man has to wash his suit and make his rent. Of course, I’d like them to mention how New York deals with all those web strings hanging around off the buildings but I guess that will come in Spider-Man 3. 😉 And those eyes! Tobey Maguire has the most expressive eyes. Eric found the set-up for the 3rd movie unnecessary, but it didn’t bother me.