Oh, enough already

USATODAY.com – Jackson’s halftime stunt fuels indecency debate

Did he mean to do it? Was it an accident? Who cares?!? I’d like the Federal Government to spend a little more time worrying about how to fund Leave No Child Behind and IDEA and less time worrying about how Janet Jackson’s breast ended up on television for a fraction of a second. Other countries are probably laughing hysterically at us. It was just a part of the body, it’s not like he had sex with her. The whole half time show was a unentertaining performance orgy and no one would care if everyone managed to keep their clothes on.

I was watching the show and I didn’t even notice until the news reported it later and I saw the video caps online.

As a parent, I know when my kids do something shocking it’s best to ignore it and move on and only worry about it if it happens again. To draw attention to it is to draw attention to it and it makes it a bigger deal than it’s worth. He said he was sorry, she said she was sorry. Move on already, people.

And note to Pepsi: No one is talking about your commercials because they weren’t very good. Big names and big stunts do not make a great commercial. Clever writing does.