The joy of silence

I have a nice collection of music in iTunes, but I’ve found that when I’m working I am most productive in silence. The only sounds I hear are the feedback in my computers, my fingers on the keys and maybe an occasional car going by the window. I love it, and it’s yet another reason why I want to remain working from home rather than get an office job. As soon as I put iTunes on, I don’t think as clearly. Or maybe it’s because I’m a Mom and silence is a treasure to be savored and enjoyed. After 2:45 pm forget it.

They say that some sensory disorders are inherited. I certainly know where Laini gets it from.

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  1. C says:

    Hmm. I just found the opposite. I get too distracted too easily and music helps ‘plant’ me somehow. Plus I have a tinnitus problem and so silence isn’t the joy it used to be.

    Appreciate popping in to visit your blog regularly. Cheers.

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