New version of Safari

I came home this evening and Software Update was sitting there waiting for me. Safari 1.2 and Java 1.4.2.

Anxious to get rid of Safari’s ridiculous caching issues, I eagerly downloaded the new version. No problems so far, and pages are finally letting go of their caches so what appears in a form seems to be what is sent to the server.

Best new feature: drag a link to the tab bar to open the page in a new tab. You can even drag the icon from a separate window to a tab to combine pages into one screen. Hurray!

I wish there were even more tab features such as the ability to assign click actions (double click to close tab, for example) or keyboard control over the tabs (a keyboard shortcut to close all but the selected tab would be nice). But this is definitely an improvement from what I can tell so far.

And it’s fast. Very fast.


  1. command-option-w will close all other tabs.

    right-click on a tab to get some options.

    click on the ‘x’ in a tab to close it without focusing on it.

    command-shift-w to close the whole window.

    command-option-shit-w to close all open windows.

    Do you know about the ability to make auto-tabs? I use that everyday.

  2. Judi says:

    “command-option-w will close all other tabs.”

    Ah, that’s what I was looking for. I know about right-clicking but if my hands are already on the keyboard I don’t want to reach for the mouse until I have to. Thanks for the tips!

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