Happy New Year to me! First thing in my inbox this morning was from Joe Gillespie of the wonderful Web Page Design for Designers online magazine. I entered the December contest on his site and I won!

What did I get? The entire font collection for Mac (valued at over $300). This is pretty cool. These fonts are designed to take up little space yet be very readable even at minute sizes.

The contest was to put these five well known fonts into the correct chronological order of when they were originally designed. Garamond, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Times, Verdana.

The answer:

# Garamond – originally designed in 1543 by Claude Garamond
# Gill Sans – originally designed by Eric Gill in 1928
# Times – originally designed by Stanley Morrison in 1931
# Helvetica – originally designed by Max Meidinger in 1957
# Verdana – originally designed by Matthew Carter in 1994