Kung-Log becomes ecto

Adriaan Tijsseling, the creator of Kung-Log is coming out with a shareware version of his software which he has named “ecto.” If you have a Mac and a MovableType (or TypePad or Blogger) weblog, then there is no better posting tool in my opinion. I only have to log in via my web browser to delete comments or play with templates (hmmm…maybe I should submit these as wish-list items).

Quite some time ago, I gladly donated to Adriaan to support his development of Kung-Log, and from what I can tell Ecto will be even better.

Some housekeeping

I went through my NetNewsWire feed list and cleared out some of the cobwebs. I have over 300 subscriptions in there. Part of the problem is that NNW doesn’t allow for any easy way of clearing out the dead wood. A filter mechanism that could sort feeds by last update would be nice. I had some perfectly nice feeds in there that hadn’t updated since early 2003, so I took them out. No point in wasting any bandwidth checking a dead site. There were other feeds that updated frequently, but I found I wasn’t reading the content. So I’m back down to 282 feeds, still a lot, but each one has value to me in one way or another.

It made me realize that I haven’t updated my blogroll in a while. I added two sites that I really love and that always make me smile when I see new content in NetNewsWire. I will usually double click on the article to read content on the web, as their sites are such wonderful places to visit.

The first is Adam Polselli’s site. His work is just gorgeous and technically amazing and I’m humbled every time I visit it. And I think he’s young. Very young. Recently he posted about getting into college. If he’s a teenager, or close to it, then this is someone to keep an eye on because he’s going to go on to great things. I just need an afternoon free to study his site and pick up some of the techniques that he’s obviously mastered.

On a similar note, I also love the work of Jon Hicks. He’s Mac focused and does beautiful work.