What do you do when the world hates you?

More on the bizarre playground thing. As I previously mentioned this story was picked up all over the world. Eric looked around it and found it mentioned on sites such as overlawyered.com and others.

Today, the Stamford Advocate ran a front page story containing a statement from the mother. I almost felt sorry for her. She claims that she only wrote to point out to the city what she believed were deficits in the park. She says she never meant any harm. “Regretfully, I thought the final paragraph of my letter that referred to compensation would get the attention of someone at the city level to act. It was never my intent to pursue a claim against anyone.”

True? Probably.

I hope she learned a lesson from this. You don’t threaten legal action unless you have a lawyer standing by and you’re prepared to do it. Otherwise, you just end up looking stupid when someone calls your bluff.

In the conclusion of her statement she praises the park and its developers. Good for her. Unfortunately, the damage is probably done as I doubt the New York Times, CNN or AP will pick up this part of the story.

One thought on “What do you do when the world hates you?

  1. Thanks for the update! I do sort of feel bad for the woman. I wonder, then, who leaked it to the press. Doesn’t seem like it was her.

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