Graphic Design Book Club folding?

I got my monthly packet for the Graphic Design Book Club today. It seems that they’re morphing into How Magazine’s online bookstore, and getting rid of the monthly mailings. The letter that came with this month’s mailing says that January will be the last catalog, and the website as it currently exists will only be up until May 2004. All books are heavily discounted, and while I can use my leftover bonus points (7 as of this writing) I can’t earn any more. Oh well.

Of all the media clubs I’ve ever belonged to, the GDBC was my favorite. They had a nice selection of inspiration books that helped me keep up with the latest trends in graphic design. It’s not the same to look at websites and magazines, sometimes you just have to look at a print example printed on fine coffee table book-quality paper.

2 thoughts on “Graphic Design Book Club folding?

  1. i graduated from Graphic Design in April amd i didnt get a chance to subscribe. I’m so sad.. i wanted to get the Pantone book-Guide To Communication. You said there are discounts … Can i still get that book?

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