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My site has been getting some extra traffic lately. Turns out, it was linked in regarding the woman who filed a claim in Stamford to get compensated for an accident her 2 year-old son had at the Twin Meadows playground in early November.

If you’re coming here from, I’d like to clear up some misconceptions from the comments:

# The picture of the family posted in the comments was not taken at the Twin Meadows playground. It was taken while the playground was in the planning stage. They were posed in front of the school’s pre-existing not-as-accessible playground.
# The playground didn’t cost $700,000 to build. The initial goal was to raise $500,000 to cover the cost of the construction plus ongoing maintenance. They have surpassed this goal so they are talking about creating a foundation to make more city playgrounds safe and accessible for children of all abilities.

The people who got this playground built are among the nicest, most caring people you will ever meet. This whole thing is a sad joke started by someone who doesn’t even live in this community.

It restores my faith in society that most people agree this woman is way out of line. As far as I can tell, no suit has been filed yet but the story was picked up by the New York Times and the Associated Press so it’s all over the Internet in various forms.

It’s really sad. At least the AP article doesn’t mention the school or playground by name. It’s such a beautiful place. And obviously the community is not afraid. It’s like 40 degrees out and the playground is full of happy children every single time I drive by it when school is closed (which is when the playground is open to the public).

And here’s another link to show just how seriously the school takes student safety. I wonder if the incidents are related?

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