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As picked up by cnn.com this morning:

STAMFORD, Connecticut (AP) — A 2-year-old model and actor who cut his head at a playground is seeking unspecified lost wages and other compensation from the city.

Konrad Mader of Greenwich was running toward a treehouse at a playground November 4 when he crashed into a railing, according to a claim filed last week by his mother and reported Friday by The Advocate of Stamford. The blond toddler received several stitches.

The playground they’re talking about is Twin Meadows, the amazing and beautiful universal playground at my daughters’ school. I know the people who built the playground, Eric and I donated to it and we attended the emotional ribbon cutting. This playground has been meticulously designed and constructed to be safe for children of all abilities.

Newsflash to the so-called mother who filed the claim:

# 2 year-olds run. They play. They sometimes fall down and get hurt. Sometimes they need stitches. That’s what children do. They don’t file claims for lost wages.
# Where were you on the playground when your child was running towards an obstruction?
# If your child’s modeling career is more important than running on a playground, then don’t let your child run a playground

I don’t normally judge someone else’s parenting skills. Everyone makes their own decisions. But this is beyond ridiculous and it’s a shame that such a wonderful resource has to be marred in this way. Our taxes are high enough. I hope our Mayor and city officials have the sense not to lay out a dime to this woman. She only wrote a letter, let’s see if she has the nerve to actually file a lawsuit. She doesn’t even live in Stamford (she’s from Greenwich). I have a feeling that she will get more negative feedback about this than she could ever imagine and it will go no further.

Update: I’ve posted another entry on this subject here. If you’re coming from fark.com, I’ve cleared up some mistakes from the comments.


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  2. colomom says:

    Since the mother wants to be absolutely ridiculous, how about this – if the child hadn’t been running in the first place, he wouldn’t have run into the guardrail. And, since she is his legal guardian, she has responsibility for that. Shouldn’t the child then sue his mother for lost wages? She was his first line of defense.

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