Treo 600

It was time to upgrade my phone, and my Palm m515 is about 2.5 years old. So I did it. I’m such a tech junkie. I ordered a Treo 600. I had been looking at the Sony T616 simply because it had Bluetooth so I’d finally be able to sync my phone contacts with my Palm & desktop. But that phone alone is $149 with 2 year agreement and I’d still have to get a Bluetooth module for my G5 and have an outdated handheld. I can’t write more than a sentence or two on paper before my wrist starts aching due to surgery I had in 1989. I use my Palm or iBook for everything, even writing notes to the girl’s teachers and the 515 was beginning to slow down and show its age. A new Palm with the features I’d want would be around $250-300, so it made more sense to go for the all-in-one at $499. The Treo 600 has been getting great reviews. The Palm m515 still works well so I may sell it off on eBay along with the accessories I’ve collected for it.

I’m only using about 200 minutes a month lately, so once the new phone comes in I’m going to move down to the Cingular nation plan for GSM phones with 500 minutes per month with rollover. A few more 200 minutes months and I’ll have enough rollover minutes saved up to handle any overages later in the year. With the additional data fee for 10MB per month to use email/web on the phone and voicemail, I’ll pay about the same per month as I am now.

Even with phone number portability, I’m sticking with Cingular. They have rollover minutes (unused anytime minutes are saved and can be used in other months), the best coverage in this area (even with GSM which isn’t as good as TDMA was) and since I’ve been a wireless customer with them since 1998 (it was SNET then) and upgrade regularly their customer service tends to be more than accommodating. I have no compelling reason to switch. The Cingular version of the Treo 600 is even optimized for their network. What more could I ask? I can’t wait to receive it sometime the week of January 5th.

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