iBook Logic Board/Display problems

I found this site today. I had been thinking of starting a website regarding the iBook’s dirty little secret and I’m thrilled someone else did it. I signed up to be included in a class suit, if there is one. Yes, I know it’s the lawyers that make money on these things but if I can get a coupon or something back for having two laptops die before their time then so be it. I usually hate class action suits but I don’t know any other way to get Apple to do the right thing. Posts on the message board are deleted. I didn’t waste my time signing the petition at petitiononline.com. Those are a waste of effort.

Between Eric and I, we have owned 3 iBooks and all 3 have lost their displays within 18 months of life. Two are sitting here as doorstops because we didn’t have AppleCare on them and didn’t want to spend $400 each to have them repaired (with no guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again). I am a big Apple fan, and I love their products and will continue to buy them. But Apple has a problem here with the iBooks and it’s about time it was acknowledged. The G4 iBook forums are not as overwhelmed with complaints in the Display section as the Dual USB Display section is, so I have to hope that Apple has made design changes going forward. Keep in mind that Apple is quickly deleting posts. I know of at least 3 threads that I read or participated in that are now gone with no evidence that they ever existed. I was skimming the boards over the weekend and there were many, many new posts in the forum. Now it looks as if there were only a handful. I know the forums are supposed to be kept to user-to-user technical support…but if someone is experiencing this problem, why can’t they read about it in the forum? At least they can learn that they’re not alone and they have to send the machine in. There’s no solution other than sending the iBook in for repair, so why delete those posts? Pretending that the problem doesn’t exist won’t make the complainers go away. Doing right by us will.

It’s not us. I have owned many Apple products over the years and have never experienced this before…and 3 machines out of 3 purchases? Come on! What are the odds of that being coincidence?

Here’s a great post on Mac Opinion that perfectly explains the issue and what Apple should do about it. And here’s another.