I’ve been meaning to mention this one. Synergy is a little $5 gadget that adds an iTunes remote to your OS X menu bar. I use this to start/stop iTunes, select Playlists, rate songs, etc. It’s a lot easier to have iTunes running with the window closed and do everything from the menu bar without bringing the application to the front.


But my favorite feature of Synergy and the reason why I bought it is the floater. When a song starts, Synergy brings up a little window (for a time period and with a transparency that you can specify in the preferences) that has the name of the song, album, song length, year and album art (all configurable in the preferences).

synergy floater

I have my floater set to come on the 2nd monitor for 15 seconds after the song starts. It’s nice to get a little visual reminder of exactly what I’m listening to. Synergy is still in its early stages and an upgrade is due soon. It is a preference pane so it should be used with caution (think “haxie”). So far, I haven’t had any problems with it but I do plan to temporarily remove it before I get around to OS X 10.3.1 just in case.

To make it a little easier to get the album art, I also use an application called iTunes Catalog. iTunes Catalog hits the Amazon website for cover art (which I’ve heard that Amazon doesn’t like) but I especially like it because you can look up the lyrics of a song with a single click.

iTunes Catalog has the ability create HTML music catalogs, which I might do one of these days. We’ll see if you guys hate my taste in music as much as Eric does. I can promise you this…there is *no* Britney Spears in my iTunes library. Lots of soundtracks (both movies and Broadway), ballads, instrumentals, classic rock & pop “oldies”. 😉