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Ran into an interesting bug in Safari that has me using Camino again as my fulltime browser. Maybe that will change when I install Panther, maybe not.

Problem 1, I already blogged about. Namely, my cookies are completely dead. As soon as I turn on the preference to accept cookies, Safari hangs on any site that tries to write a cookie, sucking 130-150% of the CPU. I’ve tried every troubleshooting fix I could think of, including reinstalling Safari from scratch. I’ve checked the drive and Disk Utility is not finding a problem. Permissions are repaired. Everything else is working fine. It’s just Safari. There may be a connection with NetNewsWire, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve already been in contact with Brent Simmons, the developer of NNW. The only other thing I can do is reinstall the OS and I’m not going to do that less than 2 weeks before Panther.

Problem 2 is messing up my blog and that’s the final straw. I got a comment yesterday from someone that he had accidentally put with the wrong entry (have no idea how that happened). From the content, I knew he really meant to put it somewhere else so I logged in and deleted the comment and reposted it in the right place. I hit save on the page too quickly and somehow, the comment that I meant to delete ended up being the text of the entry itself! I noticed this before, but I always managed to catch it before overwriting my entry. Having no idea how that happened, I posted to the MovableType support forums and a moderator correctly pointed me to this page which clearly reports that it’s a bug in Safari. Great. I’ve had other problems with Safari’s cache and if I have to bounce to Camino that much I might as well just stay there.

Truth is, Camino is an excellent web browser. I had forgotten just how good it is. There really isn’t much that Safari can do that Camino doesn’t do just as well. There are things that Camino does better, such as how it handles tabs and the fact that when you “view source” it opens in a tab instead of a separate window. I like that. I also like that I can have links from external sites reuse the current window. I don’t like to spawn tabs or windows unless necessary. Otherwise, I like to read and move on and keep my windows neat.

The only feature I’m missing in Camino is bookmark backup and syncing. Turns out, someone already thought of that and came up with a nice little freebie utility called Safari Bookmark Exchanger. In a click, I can copy my bookmark file from Camino with any changed/added sites to Safari, so iSync will pick it up.

And while I’m at it, I’ve gone back to Entourage for email. If there’s a “perfect” email client out there, I haven’t found it yet so I’m still shuffling around. Yeah, I know it’s Microsoft and evil and all that. I stopped using Entourage a while back because it was so slow on my G4. I tried Apple Mail for a while with Jaguar. But I couldn’t take the fact that Mail wouldn’t remember which account received a message when replying if the message had been filtered. Brain dead. Then I used Eudora, but I was never in love with the interface. Then PowerMail, which I’m now giving up because its handling of HTML email is so horrible. I don’t like HTML email. I would prefer to get everything in plain text. But I have clients on AOL and others who like HTML and will continue to send it. I’m tired of getting what appears to be blank email, or not being able to see who a message is from because an HTML message in PowerMail doesn’t show the same headers as a plain text message. There were other quirks too. It’s fast and it’s a decent email application but as I’m freelancing and relying more on my mail I had to switch.

I’m enjoying Entourage on the G5. None of the speed complaints I had before and I appreciate the nice little touches like keyboard shortcuts in the script menu and the ability to run scripts and schedules on hidden messages (view -> unread) among other things. But I still want to sync to iSync, so I had to install Paul Berkowitz’s Sync Entourage-Address Book to get my Address Book to Entourage and then back again (scriptable, of course, so it happens daily). The instructions are unnecessarily complicated for what it does, but it works. Not perfect, but good enough for now. I wish there was a way to completely remove the calendar data from Entourage as I’ll never use it (sticking with iCal…I already changed the iCal scripts to use Entourage for notifications).



  1. Andy Fragen says:

    As for PowerMail, I have the HTML reader disabled in the prefs and if there is an HTML message that I want to see I click on the little globe icon in the bottom of the 3 pane view and the message is instantly opened in my browser.

    BTW, I’m using Safari v85.5 and NNW 1.0.6b1 and I don’t seem to have the problems that you are. I do have cookies enabled. I wish I had an answer.

  2. Judi says:

    Andy, That works fine for just viewing HTML messages but I was getting email from clients on AOL and I couldn’t forward or reply to their messages with quoting. I was getting blank messages with HTML off and with it on, messages were forwarding and replying blank.

    As far as my cookie issue, I know it’s specific to my machine in some way otherwise it would be more widely reported. Still wish I could figure out what it is.

  3. Andy Fragen says:

    Strange, with some AOL mail that I receive I would see markup in the text of the message, but I would always be able to select the message or part of it for a reply.

    You may want to look at any of the HTML cleanup scripts at PowerMail AppleScript Archives:

    The other thing that you might try is to ask your AOL users to switch off sending HTML mail. I don’t know if it’s an option. Unfortunately most people who use AOL are savvy enough to do this. (Gross generalization)

  4. Judi says:

    People using the latest Mac version of AOL do not have the option to turn off HTML.

  5. Andy Fragen says:

    Bummer. I haven’t gotten a piece of HTML that I couldn’t quote or select some piece of. Redirect one to me so I could take a look at it.

    If all else fails. Look at the message in browser, using globe icon and copy text from browser window. Then go back to PM and “Paste as Quotation”.

  6. Judi says:

    The copy/paste thing was exactly how I was handling it. I just have one client where I’m dealing with 2 people, both on AOL and it was too many clicks and difficult to refer to past emails.

  7. Dave says:

    I too have (had) the same issue with Safari 1.0 (85.5) — the site would start loading, the logo would appear in the URL location bar but then *nothing* … zip … zilch … nada

    My Powerbook G4 would sit there. Period.

    Mozilla, Camino, etc. worked fine.

    Tried un-installing and re-installing Safari. No luck. Will probably upgrade to 10.3 sometime but not for now.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one. Thought I was crazy. 🙂


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