zapping comment spam

It’s a hot topic in the blogosphere lately. As well it should be, since so many of us are hit by it. I’ve been getting a few a week, which I suppose I should be grateful. There are some who are getting hit across multiple posts. I know when it’s coming too, if I get an email that I have a comment in an ancient post. They seem to be in two flavors:

# keyword spam: This_is_a_comment_with_lots_of_words_and_URLs_usually_pornographic
# innocent comment, but the spam is in the ‘posted by’ part. I had a few last week where the comment was just “Wow, that’s interesting.” I actually let one stand for a while until I realized I was being spammed.

Shirley Kaiser has an excellent post on her site (which is a fantastic site, btw) summarizing all the things we can do to combat this problem. I really wanted to implement the comment queueing system she refers to here, however I hit a stumbling block as I don’t have the ability to place files outside my public web space. I can password protect, but I can’t upload upstream from my www directory and I don’t have shell access. I guess that’s what happens when you have a $60/yr. web account. So I went with the much easier hack-the-comment-script right from email solution. Worked like a charm. I check email often enough that spam won’t sit on the site for long. I still have to rebuild the entry, but that’s not that big a deal.


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