Panther! iCal! iSync!

Lots of new goodies from Apple today.

First, as expected, Apple will be shipping Panther by the end of the month. Even better, as I predicted and hoped, G5 owners regardless of purchase date can get Panther for $19.95 plus tax. It seems folks that purchased one of the new PowerBooks announced in Paris are out of luck. Ouch.

Unfortunately, Apple’s website was not behaving this morning and the Up To Date page would not recognize the serial number on my G5. I called Apple and they confirmed that I do qualify for the discount, but they “have been having trouble with the website.” I just faxed in my order instead, as the Apple rep recommended.

iCal 1.5.1 is out. There’s some interface tweaks but the big change is the info drawer, which is very good. No more clicking between tabs to see everything about an event. I’ve come to rely on iCal a great deal. My whole life is in that thing, and it’s open constantly. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other PIMs, but my calendar is in sync between my Palm and both computers and that’s my number one priority.

Along with iCal, there’s an iSync update. I upgraded everything, plugged in my Palm and synced and there were no problems, no duplicates. Good. I think the big thing in the iSync update is that it works with more devices, it’s supposedly more reliable and it’s required for syncing to the new iCal 1.5.1.