A Lasik success story


Today I had my first vision checkup as a “normal” seeing person.

I wore glasses since I was about 9 years old. My prescription wasn’t that bad (under -2 in each eye with mild to moderate astigmatism) but as I got older I started wearing glasses all the time because it was making me claustrophobic not to recognize people in crowds unless they were near me. In the fall of 2001, Eric and I went for Lasik consultations at the Filatov Eye Clinic a.k.a DiamondVision. I was told that I was a perfect candidate for the surgery, Eric with his +9 prescription was not.

I had the surgery in December of that year. It wasn’t horrible (like compared to childbirth) but it wasn’t a fun thing either. My eyes stung terribly for about 2-3 hours afterwards. But then I opened them in our darkened bedroom and I was able to read the time on the VCR across the room. I had some halos and my vision went a little in and out over the next few days, but nothing terrible. Within a week I felt great. The only problem was that my eyes were on the dry side and I had to apply artificial tears a bit. That eased up within 6 months.

Now it’s been about a year and a half and my vision is perfect. Beyond perfect. Between 20/15 and 20/10! Sometimes I forget that I ever wore glasses. But at other times, especially when I’m nervous, I find myself pushing up frames on my face that aren’t there.