A bit more tweaking

I think I’m actually learning. When I first redesigned my site, I wanted the top border to spread across the top of the page with the rollovers and images centered. I could not for the life of me figure out how to make it work. Today, I decided to go into my main site templates and make some changes to make it work seamlessly with this blog, and sure enough it suddenly dawned on me exactly how to get the background of the top banner to repeat across the top. I simply had to adjust the body tag in my stylesheet to include the canvas pattern across. Duh! How could somethign that appears so simple to me now stump me so thoroughly just a few weeks ago?

The only thing that is really annoying me about this template (for the blog) is that there’s a large space between the tagline and the red bar that contains the title of the blog. I can’t figure out why. But I will. And when I do, it will appear so obvious to me that I will wonder why I didn’t notice it before.