if enough people say you look tired…

you go take a nap. If there’s enough evidence from all over that the iBooks have a design flaw that causes their premature failure, will Apple do something about it? Nothing official yet, but more support from credible sources.

Ars Technica weighs in on the iBook issue in their Apple 2003 wrap-up.

It’s a balanced overview of the problem and the reaction around the Internet which can be summed up in one line:

Apple has a serious problem with the iBooks, and needs to deal with it.

MacFixIt also has an additional extensive report on the subject.

Can Apple continue to deny or pretend that this issue doesn’t exist? Stay tuned.

Update: The Register has their say too. Yes, it’s a rumor rag but interesting that they hint that something’s going to happen at MacWorld San Francisco next week:

Faithful Apple users plan to put Quality Control issues center stage at the MacWorld show in San Francisco next week, to highlight a problem that Apple refuses to acknowledge.

What do you do when the world hates you?

More on the bizarre playground thing. As I previously mentioned this story was picked up all over the world. Eric looked around it and found it mentioned on sites such as overlawyered.com and others.

Today, the Stamford Advocate ran a front page story containing a statement from the mother. I almost felt sorry for her. She claims that she only wrote to point out to the city what she believed were deficits in the park. She says she never meant any harm. “Regretfully, I thought the final paragraph of my letter that referred to compensation would get the attention of someone at the city level to act. It was never my intent to pursue a claim against anyone.”

True? Probably.

I hope she learned a lesson from this. You don’t threaten legal action unless you have a lawyer standing by and you’re prepared to do it. Otherwise, you just end up looking stupid when someone calls your bluff.

In the conclusion of her statement she praises the park and its developers. Good for her. Unfortunately, the damage is probably done as I doubt the New York Times, CNN or AP will pick up this part of the story.

Graphic Design Book Club folding?

I got my monthly packet for the Graphic Design Book Club today. It seems that they’re morphing into How Magazine’s online bookstore, and getting rid of the monthly mailings. The letter that came with this month’s mailing says that January will be the last catalog, and the website as it currently exists will only be up until May 2004. All books are heavily discounted, and while I can use my leftover bonus points (7 as of this writing) I can’t earn any more. Oh well.

Of all the media clubs I’ve ever belonged to, the GDBC was my favorite. They had a nice selection of inspiration books that helped me keep up with the latest trends in graphic design. It’s not the same to look at websites and magazines, sometimes you just have to look at a print example printed on fine coffee table book-quality paper.